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GQ x Kanye West x August 2014 Cover
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Are you callin me an asexual, mix-raced agnostic?
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Follow for follow, if you follow my new blog (kmcgregory)

To all my followers, I’ve created a new blog. I would appreciate if everyone that’s following me here would follow me on my new one! Yes, I am following back so no worries.
Not 100% sure how long this account will be up….so if I posted anything you like(d) I’d advise you reblog soon.

Thanks in advance, KG

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Cover Vogue Magazine (April 2014)
Posted 7 months ago 1 note REBLOGWatch the premiere of LINDSAY March 9th on OWN!

The 86th Annual Academy Awards!

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Beyoncé and Jay Z.
Posted 8 months ago 4 notes REBLOGThe 56th Grammy Awards are tonight on CBS, hosted my LL Cool J!
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